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Dare to Accept the October Unprocessed Challenge!

I happened upon this interesting challenge mentioned by our friends at Farm Fresh To You. For six years now, renowned food writer Andrew Wilder of the blog Eating Rules is challenging all foodies to modify our eating habits for the month of October. Simply put, the goal is to dump the processed junk, i.e. “Frankenfood” that many of us eat daily and replace it with delicious, fresh whole foods. It truly was genius for Mr. Wilder to select October for this cool yet healthy jump-start. According to Wilder, he chose October as the challenge month because it’s the gateway to bad eating habits which begins with Halloween candy. Who doesn’t have that little bowl of spooky sweets positioned directly on the coffee table for all to see? Then there’s the Thanksgiving FEAST or in most cases, left-overs! This of course is followed by the Christmas and holiday parties and family gatherings. It’s a snowball effect. We here at Zest for Life as well as our friends at Farm Fresh to You know that many of our customers have already begun to eat healthier by adding delicious whole foods to their home menus, but with that said, spreading the news of this exciting challenge and offering encouragement with recipes, tips, along with a book giveaway is right up our row of corn! Anyone interested should sign the pledge on Mr. Wilder’s blog and use the social media hashtag #unprocessed to encourage and excite other participants. While there, why not exchange exciting healthy recipes or even better, leave pics of some yummy dishes y’all have created. It’s an exciting time as the leaves begin to change and our high temps reduce into the coolness of crisp mornings. With it comes a bounty of seasonal Fall crops just waiting to be devoured!  Visit Farm Fresh To You to get your fresh seasonal organic produce that is delivered straight from the farm right to your doorstep! #gethealthy #stayhealthy #zestforlife