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Planet Box to the Rescue

I think many of us can recall a memory or two from elementary school days, in particular those classic metal lunch boxes that displayed images from Star Wars to glimpses of the various lands of Disneyland.

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Although I never liked homemade school lunches because they were always warm and everything tasted like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich packed inside, my nostalgic husband had a completely different opinion. He loved homemade lunches. He actually looked forward to lunch everyday because he knew it was something he was going to enjoy versus the classic cafeteria’s tuna surprise.

Fast forward to today, now conscientious of the environment and making healthier choices, my husband took his lunch to work everyday. He would bring home his canvas style lunch bag at the end of each day that once again, had a stinky sandwich smell from the lunch that had been packed in it earlier that morning…and the all the mornings before. I would wash and rinse the lunch bags with soap and distilled vinegar, sometimes even bleach, but the smell would never disappear. Inevitably, the zipper would break and the plastic lining would deteriorate. 

After purchasing numerous lunch bags made of canvas and never being satisfied, I decided to do some research. Finally, I came across PlanetBox. Although a bit pricey, especially for a “lunch box” I decided to take a leap and purchase one for my husband. I am so glad I did! 

So what exactly IS PlanetBox you ask?  In a nutshell, it’s a shiny stainless steel container with strategically molded compartments for healthy goodies…or a thoughtfully designed and environmentally safe lunch box. 


The morning after the PlanetBox arrived, it was time to fill it up and put it to the test. No more multiple sandwich baggies that ultimately end up in the landfill. YAY! I neatly tucked a sandwich into one compartment, placed some fresh cut fruit in another compartment, added a nice little side salad in another compartment and included a little container of homemade salad dressing. After assembling the fresh ingredients, I closed up the shiny container and slid it into it’s own canvas case along with it’s very own ice pack, ready for my husband to take to work. When my husband arrived home that evening, he was so excited about his new PlanetBox. He asked me why I hadn’t come across it sooner. The freshness of his lunch and the chill that remained throughout the day from the ice pack was worth every penny. Not to mention the environmental contribution. 

PlanetBox is more than just a lunch box. It serves as a guide for what and how much to pack. They’ve nearly done the thinking for you and now the morning lunch packing routine is so easy. You’ll never forget to pack fresh veggies because the empty compartment will remind you. If you are concerned about overeating, that likely won’t happen because the PlanetBox is designed to hold sensible portions. It is safe and the stainless steel doesn’t retain stinky food odors and ugly stains like plastic containers do. Speaking of plastic, PlanetBox is obviously BPA-free! Last but not least, it’s cheaper to buy fresh ingredients from your local market and pack your own lunch, so that in itself justifies the price tag. Cheers to PlanetBox! We will be purchasing a second one very soon! 

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